The desire is to create an approach specific to the individual. Be it in the gym or a mobile venue, the aim is to get you the result you want….as fast as possible.

Whether you are looking to change your physique, increase strength, enhance sporting ability, overcome injury, or just improve your general state of health, a custom approach to your fitness can achieve them all.

Using elements of pilates, yoga, gymnastics and weight training, highly effective and enjoyable workouts can be created to truly engage you and push you forward on your fitness journey.

No matter what your goal, the aim is to create a platform that will get you what you want and more.

Private & Semi-Private Mobile or Fixed Venue Coaching


  • Train where it suits you: At home, at work, in the park, or at a gym.
  • Using a vast array of equipment such as free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls, boxing pads, intelligent use of the body and way more.
  • Additional custom workouts to maintain quality and motivation beyond the sessions.
  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle guidance.
  • Optional soft tissue therapy to enhance results and protect against injury.
  • Continuing support via both phone and email.

Online Coaching & Wellness Consultancy

A number of reasons including simple geography can mean in person coaching is not a viable option. However, this is no longer an issue for those wishing to undertake a personalised approach to fitness, with the online world now allowing the perfect solution.


  • Via phone/tablet consult using either video or audio calls.
  • In-depth consultation covering lifestyle, activity and nutrition.
  • Custom Training Plans.
  • Personalised nutritional guidance.
  • Continuing support via both phone and email.
  • Part online/part 1-2-1 coaching is an option.