Employee Wellness

Employee health is now more important than ever before and implementing an employee wellness programme can create broad reaching benefits for both the employees and the company itself.

Effectively promoting wellness within the workplace can help to build loyalty amongst current employees, improve employer brand, therefore attracting quality future recruits from the younger generation by becoming an employer of choice.

A creative and effectively implemented approach can save money on many levels with potential for huge reductions in the number of sick days taken, with a healthier workforce culminating in increased productivity and profits.

The aim

  • Decreased absenteeism – The cost of which is forecast to reach £21 billion in the UK by the year 2020.
  • Improved retention of workforce.
  • Enhanced mental, physical, and emotional wellness of staff.
  • Help create motivated and productive employees.
  • Lower healthcare costs being passed on to employers.
  • Increased company desirability.
  • Healthy, happy and present staff (both mentally and physically) generating sustainable and successful businesses.

Services provided

  • Full day and half day workshops and clinics.
  • Onsite and at desk therapy.
  • Onsite pilates and stretch classes.
  • Personal consultations with employees.
  • Create individual nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plans.
  • Continuing online support system.