Please scroll through the testimonials below from some of my fantastic clients…

“Have worked with Neil over the last few years & the difference he has made has been in incredible.
Following two wrist operations that had been causing serious issues, he was integral to my regaining full fitness. Pain was reduced very quickly with treatment, plus huge gains in mobility & strength.
Beyond that Neil helped me in improving my posture & getting the required mobility and range of movements that are obviously extremely important in my game.
Shoulders always used to feel rounded and weak but Neil has helped me become a far stronger & better functional unit.

Can’t thank him enough for his hard work and his professionalism in all departments.

Absolutely at the top of his game, I can guarantee I’ll be working with Neil for a long time to come.”

“After a full ACL reconstruction on my knee in 2008, I developed an infection. I was struggling to walk normally, unable to return to sporting activities which are my life, & not particularly feeling great in a general sense.

I felt that the physiotherapy I was receiving wasn’t generating any real change & was then made aware of Neil.

Neil assessed my knee and after only one week I started to regain the range of motion I had been desperate for. He then started to work on strengthening my leg in a far more comprehensive fashion than I had previously experienced & progress came rapidly. We worked on total balance & stability, whilst still utilising Active Release Technique treatment to encourage recovery.

I had resigned myself to a good year of fixing my knee up, but five months after I was able to go on a Snowboarding holiday & push the knee right to its limits. Today my knee is stronger than ever.

I now frequently use Neil to not just fix up any issues that crop up, but also to prevent any arising in the first place. Highly recommended & frequently I do just that.”

“Neil very quickly took away my back pain that had been ongoing for several years, following numerous failed attempts by many chiropractors /osteopaths.   After just one treatment I felt mobile and much happier!  Not only that, but he also ensured that I was properly informed on how to avoid a reoccurring problem by offering a programme that worked with my unusual work schedule.

Neil has an incredible instinct and natural ability to find the source of pain and discomfort. He is dedicated and professional and it is without hesitation that I recommend his services.”

“The main thing that sets Neil apart from other trainers and sports therapists is not the impressive array of qualifications, expertise and experience that Neil possesses, it’s his personality. Neil inspires me to have the confidence and a desire to achieve my goals, whether that’s performance improvement or returning from injury. I love adventure sports, in particular downhill mountain biking, but the most surprising performance gain is at work. It’s become obvious that the healthier I feel and the better my suit fits, the more successful I am. My firm and I pride ourselves on not only talking a good talk with our clients but also walking the walk and it’s clear that Neil adopts the same philosophy having had the pleasure of sharing a ski slope with him!”

“In 2015 both my husband and I were struggling to keep healthy with tendon problems which affected our enjoyment of golf and other exercise.  I had read an article about Active Release Techniques (ART) and through the web found Neil.

Since that time Neil has helped us both in such a way that has totally changed our lives in that we are actively enjoying exercise again without pain and discomfort.  Neil has the ability to treat and initiate a way of life that suits all ages.  His enthusiasm to understand problems and want to help people to stay fit all their lives is exceptional and we only wish we had met him a few years earlier!”

“I first started having treatments with Neil due to being in constant pain throughout my body. I couldn’t really take part in any form of exercise without being in pain, whether that was my knees, back or neck. It didn’t take many treatments before I noticed huge differences. Neil worked on the issues I had in an instinctive & comprehensive fashion, corrected my posture and gave me advice to stop me slipping back into bad habits.
I haven’t come across anyone who is so passionate about what he does and he has passed on a lot of knowledge that I will be able to continually apply day to day.
I’m now currently having personal training sessions with Neil and I’m able to take part in sporting events that I would never never have previously thought possible had it not been for Neil’s expertise.
I can’t recommend Neil highly enough and will always be grateful for all the help he has afforded me & the continuing guidance & support he provides.”

“Following being told that due to debilitating issues with my hand & shoulder, that I needed to give up my role as a dispensing optician, except weakness & undergo surgery, my son booked an appointment with Neil.
Neil’s positive response to my situation was remarkable & filled me with the belief that contrary to what I’d been told I could actually move past this & go from strength to strength.
All I can then say is that from a position of zero grip strength, extreme shoulder pain, & massively limited shoulder & neck mobility, I got to a level of strength I couldn’t even remember & found myself completely free from pain.

I would unreservedly recommend Neil  to anyone. He is extremely passionate, very professional & beyond great at his job.”

“I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Neil through another pro boxer in LA. As soon as I spoke to him it was easy to see his knowledge was second to none. The results from the treatments Neil has provided me with are ridiculous! Added to this his advice on training & nutrition has been invaluable. Top guy and highly recommended.”

“I’m now into my 3rd year as a professional boxer and have worked with many strength and conditioning coaches and therapists over this period and also prior to being a professional during my amateur days.

I was referred to Neil Crawford by my MTK boxing manager Matthew Macklin as I was suffering with a chronic back injury that was hindering not only my training and professional future, but actually all areas of my life where physical movement was needed.

I knew that if Matthew Macklin highly recommended Neil, bearing in mind Matthew had a great career as a boxer challenging for world honours on a number of occasions and winning various domestic & international titles, then I knew Neil must be good at his job!

In the 6 months I’ve been working with Neil, he has not only treated and fixed my chronic back injury (something nobody else had been capable of) with his expert knowledge and treatments, but he’s also strengthened up the problematic area so it’s in better working order than before the injury.

With the back injury aside, Neil and I have been working together developing strength and fitness for my boxing for the last 3-4 fights and already my strength and power has gone through the roof! Long gone are the days of simply grinding out long hard sessions in the gym that would incur injuries and have no benefit whatsoever to my game as a boxer, but instead, Neil has a knack of applying science and a “less is more” approach to training where we do more effective methods of training with maximum gains!

If you want a trainer that is no-nonsense, knowledgable in all areas of health, fitness and general well being, then Neil’s the man. If your sport specific and want to improve performance then again Neil’s the man! He’s got my career well on track and improved my performance both in and out the ring whilst staying injury free. That’s what you call a trainer!

Looking forward to a big future working together with Neil and I’d highly recommend him as the results simply speak for them-self.”

“I have known Neil in a professional capacity for more than 10 years. During that period, he has acted as my personal trainer, training me initially at his studio and latterly in my own home at least once per week.

In the early years when I was an active sportsman Neil was wholly responsible for maintaining my conditioning outside of my normal training. Latterly Neil has been instrumental in my rehabilitation following knee, hip and neck surgery. I continue to see him with the aim of maintaining flexibility and general body conditioning.

Not only is Neil highly knowledgeable in therapy techniques, training methods and nutrition, but also has boundless enthusiasm in designing and implementing comprehensive treatment and training packages for all.

Neil’s input has undoubtedly improved my general body condition and has also had an impact on the quality of my life. With his help I continue to enjoy all active sports well in to my late fifties. It would be no exaggeration to say that I could not do this without his help.

I would highly recommend Neil to anybody who is serious about their personal fitness.”

“The treatment I have received from Neil for a long term shoulder injury preventing me from swimming has been brilliant! I’ve found myself back in the pool so much more quickly than I could possibly have expected and swimming daily with zero pain.”

“I was recommended to contact Neil by a friend due to an ongoing issue with shin splints. Neil has helped me address the pain I have had on and off for a number of years. I had been to see a physiotherapist who advised me to stop running altogether. With ART and a training plan from Neil, I am now able to run completely pain free and plan to run a marathon in the coming months.

Neil has given me the most Innovative treatment and training programme, constantly adapting and changing the sessions, embodying my desire to push myself. I always leave our sessions feeling like I have progressed and achieved something. My overall strength and mobility has improved. I cannot thank Neil enough for his help and advice.”

“I have been working with Neil since he helped me to understand that the problems with my knee collapsing were due to fragments of cartilage and bone floating around within the joint. Once I had undergone keyhole surgery to remove it, Neil started working with me to strengthen the muscles around my knee to ensure that it was strong enough to work effectively with little cartilage to protect the knee cap. This was a life changing approach to the way I had been living, always thinking about what my body could do and reacting to its limitations.

Since those early days, Neil has developed his knowledge and understanding of a number of treatment systems including active release techniques (ART) and has used it to build on the early success with my weakened knee so that it is stronger than it was before the operation. Neil has worked with me to realign my posture, build strength in my muscles, resulting in increased movement and complete removal of pain.

More importantly, he has helped me to continue to have a full and active life including sponsored walking and sailing holidays with friends.

I hold Neil in extremely high regard, both professionally and as a person.”

“Thank you Neil for all your help and support over the last few years & long may it continue!
Your expert knowledge of fitness, health and well being has been paramount to all my fundraising challenges over the last 10 years, from running marathons, doing distance cycling events, to climbing mountains at high altitude. I am sure that without your expertise they would have been a lot more challenging!”

“Finding Neil after suffering 6 years of Plantar Fasciitis was amazing. He treated me over a 1 year period with ART. Not only was I completely pain free, but threw away all insoles and trainers which I had spent a small fortune on. I then walked Wainwrights Coast to Coast 195miles without a twinge in May 2016. August 2017 I continue to be pain free, wear footwear I want to and feel great! Just a brilliant result from Neil. Many, many thanks Neil.”

“I can’t speak highly enough of Neil Crawford. I underwent a painful knee replacement and wasn’t progressing at all under the hospital Physio. Neil visited me, and after the first session the relief was incredible in my leg and hips. Mobility increased so quickly, at a rate I wasn’t achieving through the hospital and the pain subsided in line with it! Incredible. I can’t recommend him highly enough, I already have him scheduled in to start Physio after my next knee operation (on my other leg) and friends I have recommended him to are delighted with the results he achieves. His knowledge on all aspects of Physio, diet, health and wellness I would say is unparalleled.”

“Since having started training with Neil, the changes have been incredible.
From initially seeking treatment for what had seemed untreatable back & hip issues, the progression has been constant. Now in a pain free state I’ve started to strip fat, loose inches & drop a dress size. I’ve never felt better, I sleep deeply, eat well having been educated by him & have a much clearer mental attitude. Having only done cardio before I would recommend strength training 100% for noticeable results in every way, shape & form. I can’t recommend Neil enough he is incredibly well educated in his field and this shows throughout our sessions.
I will certainly be continuing to work with Neil & know life will be better for it!”